Monday, July 27, 2009

At Mt. Lavinia beach

Mt. Lavinia beach is a place that brings back memories. It used to me a meeting spot and a frequent hang out spot for us few years ago. Few days ago I was happy to be there again thanx to all the nice AIESECers and especially to Audrey from MoC who is working as MC CEED right now.

The beach always calms you down and help you to get out of your stress... Just looking at the ocean makes you feel so much better and that is what I wanted more than anything else:) But in the end I got a double package in a nice meal and set of people to have a nice chit chat and play games.

Thank you Inshar, Audrey, Yohan, Kelum and Upul for making the wonderful evening at the beach!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

From the outgoing AI 08/09

Deepti - AI VP Exchange 08/09

"At the end of the 08/09 term, AIESEC has changed the lives of more than 7400 young people around the world by giving them exciting opportunities in new countries and environments. Today, we can proudly say that we have achieved the exchange goal for the 08 09 term, delivered 40% growth and have left AIESEC on the path to not just achieving 2010, but over-achieving it! I would like to thank all of you for making this happen, for being self-less and determined. It has been an honor working with you and I hope that we keep in touch in the future. I wish you a lot of happiness and success in life. To the new guys, give it your best shot, make your country, GN, AIESEC and the world proud of your achievement and impact - all the very best."

Li Zhen - AI Director Asia Pacific region 08/09

"Thank you for this year. I sometimes think of this year as extremely transformative an
d important in my life. Being the director of this most dynamic and potential region is nothing but a huge challenge that I have to take a big jump to reach the minimum. I am so grateful to have you with me this year leading the region together regardless any challenges, being absolutely supportive at work, caring as dear friends in life. Thank you for giving me one of my most valuable asset to have worked you all from such a dynamic cultural context this year."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cause before self...

Many people tell me that they are really passionate about this, that or something else. They even write it down and brag about it. But are you truly passionate about your cause or your mission? I mean really really passionate from the bottom of your heart. So passionate that you see it as something larger than life, something that you can live with... With it you wake up in the morning and with it you go back to sleep.

Can we do that when we are living in world of distractions? We have too many things to do but too less time for everything... Gosh my mama wants me to do this and Papa wants me to do that... and here comes my sweetheart and she wants me to go out out with her when I have all this list of TO DOs waiting...

That's the real world... I kept asking my self whether the people who made a change to this world were living in a world where everything just happened for them by such miracle? On the contrary pretty much nothing happened for them but they made there way with sheer character.
  1. Be a hedgehog - Cut down on all not important activities from your list. Save that time and save your energy. See the amount of time you will have for yourself, your family and to do all the important things.
  2. Be clear with the cause that you want to achieve - AIESEC is a place where you can change the world. We do it with the amazing tool called AIESEC experience which we measure with the 'Measurements of success" (X, X+L and quality of @ experience)
  3. Convince yourself that this what I want to do and this is the reason I want to do it - Sorry I can't do it for you. You need to see something amazing and something larger than life for your cause.
  4. Reflect on it everyday - How would the world look like? how would this organization look like if I made my contribution?
  5. Take actions - Forget the barriers... only thing you see now is your compelling vision, our compelling vision.
Next day before you tell us that you are passionate about something... I want you to think carefully and think whether you are really prepared to pick yourself against the gusty winds of challenges... And are you prepared to put the interest of your cause before your self interest?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you are hedgehog or a fox?

Influenced by the best seller Good to great by Jim Collins.

"The fox knows a little about many things, but the hedgehog knows only one big thing very well. The fox is complex; the hedgehog simple. And the hedgehog wins." - Jim Collins

The idea of being a hedgehog refers to having a clear focus of what we are doing. The focus here is explained by
a single central and coherent idea/ concept that more or less describes connections and the principles as to how the organization can become the best.

(Jim Collins describes this as the intersection of the three circles, what we can be the best at?, what drives our economic engine? and what we are deeply passionate about?)

And once found we become systematic and consistent with it and get rid of all "irrelevant" activities that does not fit in to our core hedgehog idea. For example we should re-evaluate our activities to see whether they are connected to our core vision or the central idea that we are pursuing... Which ever is not should directly go in to our "NOT to do list". Save that time, effort and money to invest in the areas that directly contribute to our hedgehog idea.

At the national planning process we wanted to make sure that AIESEC in Sri Lanka finds it clear focus for the term 09/10. We identified our priorities based on a clinical analysis of cause and effect. We brought the core ideas as national initiatives where both LCs and MC are synergetically contributing. We identified MC scoreboard items (MC priorities) to leverage national priority areas.

So now it comes down to being ever so disciplined to go ahead and do what it takes to make it happen. We are counting on you!!!

It's good to be the MC...

Another journey has just begun. No wonder many says that life is an adventure 'coz it surely is; especailly when you are an AIESECer. Challenges are something you just can's resist.

I'm Buddi and now I hold the responsibilities of the President of AIESEC in Sri Lanka ( This is my 6th year in AIESEC and the 3rd national body experience. But I can honestly say that each time I enjoyed a different experience and something more challenging than the previous one.

AIESEC always gave me something to think about, an opportunity to make my self useful for others and the society, to become innovative and test my limits. There is no end of learning and development that I gained through AIESEC.

This is not the way only how I feel but I'm sure the uniqueness of AIESEC experience is for everyone. I sincerely hope that this term 2009/10 will be one amazing time for AIESEC in Sri Lanka and at the end we will leave our mark behind.

It's certainly so cool to be in the MC :)