Monday, July 27, 2009

At Mt. Lavinia beach

Mt. Lavinia beach is a place that brings back memories. It used to me a meeting spot and a frequent hang out spot for us few years ago. Few days ago I was happy to be there again thanx to all the nice AIESECers and especially to Audrey from MoC who is working as MC CEED right now.

The beach always calms you down and help you to get out of your stress... Just looking at the ocean makes you feel so much better and that is what I wanted more than anything else:) But in the end I got a double package in a nice meal and set of people to have a nice chit chat and play games.

Thank you Inshar, Audrey, Yohan, Kelum and Upul for making the wonderful evening at the beach!!!


සමීර විමලරත්න said...

We too wanted to join with you guys though it came out of no where. May be next time =)

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